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Our Commitment

At Beyond Semiconductor, bold, demanding and sometimes seemingly unsolvable projects are challenges and push us to continuous development and growth. We strive to improve upon our experiences and excel at what we do: developing products that push the limits ahead of existing solutions. Deeply committed to our Customers we want to be a part of their ongoing business success, while at the same time foster Employees with opportunities to succeed and flourish.
“Making that extra mile” – Dedication to quality
At the heart of our promise lies a dedication to quality. We work with the belief that every product has to be designed with conscious and precise attention, prepared to closely match Customer's application requirements.
We don’t run away from challenges at which others have faltered. We face them keenly and thoughtfully, ready to take risks and restlessly search for working solution.
“Exceed expectations” – Dedication to Customers
We act under principle that meeting the needs and exceeding the expectations of our Customers is a key to our success. We have committed ourselves greatly to put extended effort into finding answers to customers’ problems fast, reliably and proficiently. We aggressively invest in research and development; encourage ingenious thinking with our Employees and partner with leading EDA and software vendors to keep our corporate promise.
“Fostering” – Dedication to Employees
We believe that every outstanding solution rests on the shoulders of devoted Employees. Thus, we are committed to create an environment that nourishes talent, develops potential and broadens horizons. We encourage our Employees to be bold yet mature, fast but thoughtful, to explore unconventional ideas, ask questions and freely innovate.
Only the best Employees and Associates are good enough for our Customers and us.


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