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For almost a decade, the JN51xx microcontroller family has provided the optimum hardware platform for Zigbee products, integrating the highly efficient BA22™ 32-bit processor and a 2.4 GHz radio transceiver on a single chip. BeyondStudio now brings improvements in code size, performance, and software development productivity, giving NXP customers even more advantage over those using competing products in the Zigbee space.
Simon Wadsworth, Software Team Leader at NXP Semiconductors

The Beyond team is executing well. Although it is less than seven years old, the company offers five CPUs. It has landed major accounts and is operating profitably, allaying concerns that this small company may evaporate before a chip design is complete. Beyond also offers turn-key microcontroller designs for those customers that need it. The partnership with the successful Cast is another positive sign for the future. For chip designers willing to accept an uncommon instruction set, the Beyond products offer a low-cost alternative to ARM and MIPS.
A Guide to CPU Cores and Processor IP, The Linley Group

We went from licensing the BA22 processor to tape-out in just five months. After our announcement [...], both the hardware and software teams got to work integrating the IP and starting software development. Despite our stringent requirements, integration and software development was straightforward. The BA22 has certainly met our goals.
Ram Rangarajan, VP of Imaging Products at inSilica

CAST has long been a leader in 8051 applications and for last few years our customers have been asking for greater capabilities for more advanced designs. The BA21 is the perfect answer to that request: it offers great appeal to designers seeking to differentiate their products through better performance, lower energy usage, quick development, and a lower price point.
Nikos Zervas, VP of Marketing at CAST


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