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Beyond SHA-3 Secure Hash Function IP Core

The Beyond SHA-3 is a high-throughput, area-efficient hardware implementation of the SHA-3 cryptographic hashing functions, compliant to NISTS’s FIPS 180-4 and FIPS 202 standards.

Providing all four hash functions, Beyond’s SHA-3 hardware implementation has been optimized for applications that require fast block processing without excessive logic utilization. Simple input / output interface, adjustable bus widths and module properties, allow designers to seamlessly adapt the core to desired architectures, meeting demanding speed and area requirements.
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Standards support
  • FIPS 202: SHA-3 - Permutation-Based Hash and Extendable-Output Function
  • FIPS 180-4: Secure Hash Functions (limited to SHA-3 use)
  • All four fixed-length SHA-3 Hash Functions:
    • SHA3-224
    • SHA3-256
    • SHA3-384
    • SHA3-512
  • Both SHA-3 Extendable Output Functions (XOF):
    • SHAKE-128
    • SHAKE-256
  • High throughput: single cycle per hashing round
    • SHA3-224: 48.0 Mbits/MHz
    • SHA3-256: 45.3 Mbits/MHz
    • SHA3-384: 34.7 Mbits/MHz
    • SHA3-512: 24.0 Mbits/MHz
    • SHAKE-128: 56.0  Mbits/MHz
    • SHAKE-256: 45.3 Mbits/MHz
  • Intelligent buffers management optionally allows receiving new input while processing previous message
  • Throughput over 20 Gb/s in most modern ASIC technologies
Fully autonomous operation
  • Requires no assistance from host processor
  • Automatic padding insertion
Configuration options
  • Hashing function
  • Input & Output bus bit-width
  • Number of input buffers
  • Number of Hash rounds per cycle
  • AMBA® AXI4-Stream 

Beyond SHA-3 Algorithm IP Core

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