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Beyond VGA/LCD Display Controller

The Beyond VGA Display Controller IP Core provides VGA capabilities for embedded systems. It supports both CRT and LCD displays with user programmable resolutions, video timings and color depth, thus providing compatibility with large set of standard displays. Core architecture allows flexible video memory implementation. Automatic data fetching makes it ideal “program-and-forget” video solution.

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Internal Bus Interfaces
  • AXI / AHB / WB configuration slave interface used to configure and control the core
  • AXI / AHB / WB video memory master interface. Utilizes burst accesses to increase video memory performance
  • Configurable burst length for performance optimization
  • Double buffering support – switch between two video memory buffers on each vertical retrace – prevents flicker and cluttered images
Video Interface
  • Full parallel digital RGB with [HVC] SYNC, blank, signals
  • Optional, compile time selectable 12 bit mux-ed data with [HV] SYNC and data valid signals – used by external or on-chip DVI output device(s)
  • Configurable active level of control signals
Display Control
  • Compile time configurable data FIFO supports flexible external video memory solution
  • Run-time configurable color depth (32bpp, 24bpp, 16bpp, 8bpp gray-scale and 8bpp-pseudo color)
  • Vertical and horizontal image scaling (integer factors) – enables automatic native image size into display image size transform
  • Data FIFO under-run blanking, vertical re-trace and reporting via IRQ
  • Configurable display geometry:
    • Horizontal full and visible sizes
    • Vertical full and visible sizes

Beyond VGA/LCD Display Controller

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