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Beyond Hawk Subsystem

The Beyond HAWK SOC/ASIC design is a silicon proven 32-bit embedded microcontroller. Customers can take HAWK as a base design and modify it into their own SOC/ASIC. Beyond HAWK SOC/ASIC is delivered as synthesizable Verilog RTL, Verilog test benches, simulation and synthesis scripts, software development tools for the embedded processor, Linux source code, and documentation.

Beyond BA12 Embedded Processor
  • 32-bit Embedded RISC/DSP soft core delivering 133 MIPS performance @ 133MHz worst-case conditions
  • Complete software development toolchain
  • Linux, eCos operating systems
  • Optional L1 caches 4-8KB caches
  • Optional MMUs (virtual memory, page protection)
  • Power management unit
  • Advanced debug unit allowing in-circuit debugging, hardware breakpoints, complex breakpoint and watchpoint conditions
  • Integrated tick timer
  • Programmable interrupt controller
  • Optional custom instructions

Beyond MAC 10/100/1000 Controller
  • Media Independent Interface to interface to PHYs
  • Built-in DMA functionality and Butter Descriptors
Beyond UART16550 Serial Controller
  • Compatible with "standard" 16550
  • FIFOs can be removed
  • Linux driver provided
Beyond PCI 32 Bridge Controller
  • Initiator (master) interface (optional)
  • Target (slave) interface
  • Configurable number of address mapping register sets
  • Configurable FIFOs for burst transactions
  • PCI 2.2 compliant
Beyond FLASH/SDRAM/SRAM Memory Controller
  • SDRAM Controller (optional DDR)
  • Flash/SRAM Asynchronous controller
Beyond TAP Controller
  • JTAG Test Access Port (TAP) controller
  • Fully compliant with IEEE 1149.1-2001 standard
Beyond Debug Controller
  • Access to internal CPU registers, WISHBONE and QMEM buses over TAP interface
Beyond VGA Display Controller
  • CRT and LCD display support with user programmable resolutions and video timings
  • Bus master for independent operation from the processor
Beyond GPIO Controller
  •  16 GPIOs (max 32)

  • Synthesizable RTL description in Verilog HDL
  • Soft core RTL in Verilog
  • Test bench in Verilog
  • Software development tools for Cygwin on Windows and Linux
  • Operating systems and Board Support Package
  • Evaluation board with silicon SOC/ASIC, precompiled Linux binary
  • Engineering support
Software Development Tools
  • Integrated Development Environment
  • ANSI C, C++ compiler (GCC)
  • Debugger, linker, assembler and utilities
  • Architectural simulator
  • Supported platforms Cygwin on Windows
 Third party software development tools will be available in the future.
Operating System
  • Linux
  • uCLinux
  • eCos (real-time)

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