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Beyond GPIO Controller

Beyond GPIO IP core is user-programmable general-purpose I/O controller. Its use is to implement functions that are not implemented with the dedicated controllers in a system and require simple input and/or output software controlled signals.
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GPIO Features
  • Number of general-purpose I/O signals is user selectable and can be in range from 1 to 32. For more I/Os several GPIO cores can be used in parallel
  • All general-purpose I/O signals can be bi-directional (external bi-directional I/O cells are required in this case)
  • All general-purpose I/O signals can be three-stated or open-drain enabled (external three-state or open-drain I/O cells are required in this case)
  • General-Purpose I/O signals programmed as inputs can cause an interrupt request to the CPU
  • General-purpose I/O signals programmed as inputs can be registered at raising edge of system clock or at user programmed edge of external clock
  • All general-purpose I/O signals are programmed as inputs at hardware reset
  • Auxiliary inputs to GPIO core to bypass outputs from RGPIO_OUT register
  • Alternative input reference clock signal from external interface
  • Extremely configurable (implementation of registers, external clock inverted versus negedge flip-flops etc.)
Supported SoC Bus Interfaces
  • AMBAAXI / AHB / APB as appropriate
  • Other buses: for additional options please request further information

Beyond GPIO Controller

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