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Standard SoC security practice is to completely disable JTAG in fielded devices. While this addresses security concerns it prevents in-field debug and failure mode analysis (FMA). The GEON Secure JTAG restricts JTAG access to authenticated users only and thus enables secure in-field debug and FMA.

 Purpose The GEON Secure JTAG enables full debug and failure analysis access of a secure device in production setting, and allows:
  • Post production start debug without compromising security of the device.
  • Failure root cause analysis without compromising security of the device.
Feature Highlights
  • Works with any existing debug hardware and software.
  • End-to-end solution for Secure JTAG with end-to-end cryptographic guarantees.
  • Flexible access credentials management and distribution.
  • Restrict debug functionality access to authorized users only.
  • Segmentation of allowed debug functionality / JTAG access to different user groups.
  • Does not require any secret (key) to be stored on the device to authenticate a debug user.
  • Optional two way authentication (debug user authentication to the device and device authentication to the debug user).
  • Many cryptographic algorithms supported, including RSA, ED25519, NIST curves, SHA2, SHA3, AES-GCM…
  • Optional authentication algorithm change without ASIC respin.
  • Integration with existing PKI / backend infrastructure or setup of dedicated PKI / backend infrastructure (storage of long term signature keys, processes for secure debug key distribution, required server side software or cloud service).
  • Any SoC with a processor
  • Aerospace, Defense, Medical, Critical Infrastructure
  • Automotive, Industrial
  • Connected devices, IoT, 5G

The GEON SoC Security Platform
The GEON SoC Security Platform comprises of multiple security functions that share common hardware logic and accelerators wherever possible. This way adding additional security function may have only negligible impact on power and gate count. For example, cryptographic hardware accelerators, secret (key) storage, protection mechanisms, random number generator, etc., are shared among all implemented GEON security functions.
The GEON SoC Security Suite includes the following security functions:
Device is either Secure or Not Secure given Security Assumptions and Threat Model. Effective security requires understanding of the likely attacks, exposure of the device and severity of consequences so that the effort can be spent where it matters most.
Beyond works with clients determining pragmatic Threat Model with focus on denying high impact and high likelihood threats first.

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