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Beyond SDRAM/FLASH/SRAM Memory Controller

Applications that must save on number of I/O rail voltages and/or pin count, but still require access to different types of memories can benefit from Beyond SDRAM/FLASH/SRAM controller. It allows you to connect various types and quantities of memory devices to your chip using only a single set of I/Os. SDRAM control part shares the I/Os with asynchronous control part to keep total pin count down. SDRAM and asynchronous control parts offer comprehensive device support and implement features for throughput optimization for application specific conditions. I/O control part handles I/O sharing between SDRAM and asynchronous parts. It also handles external arbitration interface which provides for memory sharing between multiple physical devices. The controller can also be used to access main boot device and offers boot option bus for various boot configuration options.
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Internal Bus Interfaces
  • AXI / AHB / WB interface used to:
    • Configure the controller
    • Initialize/suspend/wake external SDRAM devices using special register interface
  • AXI / AHB / WB memory access interface. Utilizes burst accesses to increase performance
SDRAM Control
  • Programmable SDRAM device organization – provides comprehensive device support via register configuration
  • Programmable memory width
  • Programmable SDRAM features – burst length, auto pre-charge usage, cas latency etc.
  • Programmable SDRAM timings
  • Automatic SDRAM row management
  • Automatic SDRAM refresh generation
  • Compile time selectable single or double data buffering solution enables bandwidth optimization for application specific conditions
Asynchronous Memory Control
  • Programmable asynchronous memory width and timing support wide variety of devices
  • Asynchronous memory can be used as boot device
  • Boot device variety achieved using power on configuration bus
  • Throughput optimization using runtime configurable page mode accesses
I/O Muxing/Arbitration
  • Arbitrates between internal SDRAM and Asynchronous device controllers
  • Optionally includes external arbitration interface in its arbitration scheme – allows memory sharing between multiple devices

Beyond SDRAM/FLASH/SRAM Memory Controller

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