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Principles how our Customers create and deliver value are agilely adapting to the rapid pace of technology development and needs articulated from market. And competitive advantages are result of hard work, investment in research and development, as well as intelligent and right business decisions.

We acknowledge the fact that solely meeting Customers' technology expectations does not suffice - being aware of their application business aspects and pricing requirements is as important to make that extra mile. Thus, Beyond Semiconductor Intelectual Property (IP) can be licensed through various licensing models and programs, enabling our Customers to select the most fitting option.

To begin licensing our IP, please choose among the following options and fill out the Request For License (RFL) form. We will contact you shortly to get a bit more understanding on your needs and requirements in order to establish the most suitable business model.
We thank you for interest expressed for our products and services. We are looking forward to receiving your request.

Licensing Options

License Time limit Price Support RFL
Evaluation License Agreement 30 days free none
Commercial License Agreement no limit RFQ included


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