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RISC processor IP licensor surfaces in Slovenia

LONDON — A semiconductor intellectual property company offering three 32-bit RISC processors has been formed in Ljubljana, Slovenia, that includes Damjan Lampret, previously a leading member of the open-source hardware community.
The company already claims Ericsson (Kista, Sweden) and Klavis Technologies SA (Braine-L'Alleud, Belgium) amongst its licensees and has signed up ChipX Inc. (Santa Clara, Calif.) as a distributor for its cores.
Lampret previously worked in the open source hardware movement where licensees pay neither license fees nor royalties for access to circuit designs. In 2000, as a 22-year-old computer science student at the University of Ljubljana, Lampret helped design the OpenRISC 1000 processor and was one of the forces behind the OpenCores organization.
Now Beyond Semiconductor is offering the BA12, BA14 and BA22 32-bit RISC processor cores that can be configured to include a memory management unit (MMU), power management (PM), instruction and data cache, basic peripherals as well as debug port, timers and serial port options.
The company has not provided information on its website as to when, or by whom, the company was formed or how it is financed.
Initially, three pre-defined and pre-verified platforms are available from ChipX: BA12 (plain processor), Kiwi platform (BA12 with quick memory and serial port), and Hawk platform (BA12 with memory management and instruction and data caches and frequently required peripherals). Custom versions are available upon request, the companies said.


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