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Lattice and Beyond Semiconductor to Collaborate in Processor

Lattice and Beyond Semiconductor to Collaborate in Processor Compiler Tools Development
HILLSBORO, OR -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 11/10/09 -- Lattice Semiconductor Corporation (NASDAQ: LSCC) today announced it will collaborate with Beyond Semiconductor in the development of compiler tools for Lattice's soft processors. The collaboration will include updates and performance improvements for Lattice's embedded processor IP compilers and development tools.
Lattice's LatticeMico8(TM) embedded microcontroller and LatticeMico32(TM) embedded microprocessor are optimized for implementation in Lattice FPGAs and PLDs. These embedded processors are provided free of charge through an innovative open source intellectual property (IP) core license that provides customers access to the HDL for the IP, as well as full architecture independence and portability to migrate from an FPGA to ASIC platform, if desired.
"Our skills and IP are a logical match for Lattice, and we are pleased to bring our experience with advanced embedded processors and software tools to our collaborative relationship," said Matjaz Breskvar, CEO of Beyond Semiconductor. "We are honored to have been selected for such a key role, and we believe that Lattice customers will benefit from our ongoing collaboration."
Software developers need a powerful set of familiar, integrated tools for compilation, simulation, debug and analysis in order to quickly write efficient and robust code. Beyond Semiconductor has created a comprehensive software development flow that leverages its extensive experience building highly optimized compilers for a variety of embedded processors.
"We are excited to work with Beyond Semiconductor. This relationship complements our own skills and reaffirms our ongoing commitment to our soft embedded processor products," said Gordon Hands, Director of Marketing for Low Density and Mixed Signal Solutions.


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